I have been asked to replace the sealant in a building with PVC flashings. The sealant is bonded to the bottom of the PVC flashing and to the brick below. How can I cut away the sealant and not damage the flashing?
It is difficult to remove sealant below PVC flashing without damaging it. I would recommend cutting through the seal-ant joint approximately 1/8 inch below the flashing. After most of the sealant has been removed, carefully remove as much of the sealant as possible from the bottom of the flashing without damaging the flashing. Where the sealant is not well bonded to the flashing, it should be easy to remove. If you cannot remove all of the sealant, consult the sealant manufacturer for advice on how to create a proper joint. After removing the sealant, prime the surface with a primer recommended by the sealant manufacturer for this application. Then install a backer rod to hold the flashing up and create a proper joint profile for the new sealant.