I heard that stack bond masonry should be reinforced. Does this statement mean that reinforcement is needed if a horizontal band of stack bond masonry is used as part of the bond pattern in a veneer that otherwise uses running bond?

If so, how wide does this band need to be before it is reinforced? How much reinforcement is needed?

The Building Code Requirements for Masonry Structures (ACI 530-99/ASCE 5-99/TMS 402-99 Reported by The Masonry Standards Joint Committee, 1999) states that walls laid up in other than running bond masonry shall have reinforcement at least one W1.7 wire (No. 9 wire) installed a maximum of 18-inches on center vertically.

I recommend reinforcing bands of stack bond masonry within a veneer as soon as the height of this band exceeds 18 inches. For conventional brick masonry with 2-1/4-inch tall units, bands that are 7 units high or greater require reinforcement. Reinforcement should be uniformly distributed in the stack bond masonry. Stack bond soldier course masonry made with conventional units should be reinforced every other course or at 16-inches on center vertically.