Mobile batcher-mixer trucks and silo systems are two ways of mixing mortar onsite. Both of these new onsite mixing systems use an auger or screw to mix preblended or unblended ingredients, which are batched into one end of the auger. Mixed mortar ready to use comes out the other end. SILO SYSTEMS Silo systems come with one or several material compartments. Single-compartment silos can mix only preblended mortar ingredients. Multicompartment silos store ingredients separately and mix them onsite in the mixing auger. In the two-compartment silo system, the compartments are filled at the plant to the desired cement-sand ratio. Pushing a button at the jobsite causes metering screws to feed the sand and cement into a 5-foot auger that mixes the materials with water. The one-compartment silo is filled at a plant with the desired blend of ingredients. Each material is batched by weight. MOBILE BATCHER-MIXER TRUCKS Mobile batcher-mixers have onboard bins and tanks that contain water, sand, cement, lime, chemical admixtures, and coloring agents. Consequently, they can batch different mortar types. THE BENEFITS All these auger mixing systems provide more consistent mortar quality than conventional mortar mixers. The systems also can supply mortar continuously or can supply mortar just when it is needed. Jobsite cleanup is simpler because everything is contained in silos or hoppers.