What is the difference between an ASTM C 216 brick and an ASTM C 62 brick? When should each be specified?
Specify C 216 (facing) brick when a particular color, texture, or finish is desired for a wall. This specification discusses material and finish, texture and color, efflorescence, and warpage. When using facing brick, require a sample panel to be constructed. This can be a separate freestanding wall or the first area completed on the building. Once this panel is approved, it serves as the standard to judge other areas for texture, color blend, and workmanship. Use ASTM C 62 (building) brick where appearance is not important. Both C 62 and C 216 have the same durability requirements depending on the grade of unit specified. The only difference is that C 62 has no surface appearance requirements. The maximum permissible variations in size are identical to C 216, type FBS.