As an architect, I specify following the procedures in BIA Technical Note 1A when building masonry in cold weather. Are there corresponding procedures that should be followed when building masonry in warm weather?
There are procedures to follow in warm weather. They are particularly important during hot, dry weather with high winds. You want to prevent the mortar from drying out too quickly to establish good bond with the masonry units. When hot, dry weather may be a problem, I recommend the following steps: * Use mortars of the highest possible water retention * Use Type N mortars rather than Type S or M * Keep the sand, units, and cementitious materials as cool as possible * Keep any surface that comes in contact with the mortar mixers, wheelbarrows, mortarboards, shovels, trowels cool and damp * Mix the mortar with cold water * Limit the amount of mortar that is spread in the bed joints before the unit is placed on top * Cover and shade the masonry after laying, to keep heat out and moisture in * Lightly fog or mist the finished wall if conditions are especially severe