Do you have any suggestions for how to grind out mortar joints in glazed brick masonry walls without chipping the glaze?
If a mortar is very deteriorated, it may be fairly easy to remove the mortar with hand tools without damaging the glaze. When a grinder needs to be used, it is difficult to avoid chipping the glaze. Your best bet is to grind a ¾-inch- to 1-inch-deep slot through the center of the mortar joint. A chisel can then be used to carefully chip the mortar into the slot. This procedure will work well on bed joints but is not as effective on head joints. You will need to experiment with different techniques to avoid chipping the glaze when removing mortar from the top and bottom portion of the head joints where the grinder cannot reach the required depth of the cut. There are routers that are specially designed for removing mortar in conjunction with repointing. These may prove helpful when removing the mortar at the top and bottom of the head joints without damaging the glaze.