The Brick Institute of America (BIA) recommends that glazed brick be used only in cavity walls. I am repairing a 1920 building where there is no cavity. Am I likely to have a problem if I use 1990 glazed brick for patching?
BIA Technical Note 13, "Ceramic Glazed Brick Facing for Exterior Walls," does recommend cavity wall construction when using glazed brick. This helps drain any water that does enter the masonry. Before using any glazed brick in a wall, ask the manufacturer to certify in writing that the units are suitable for the application. The application you describe is a difficult one for glazed brick and, therefore, the chance of failure is high. I know of no literature, however, that suggests 1920 glazed brick were better than glazed brick available today in this application. Norbert V. Krogstad is a senior engineer at Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc., Northbrook, Illinois