Question:I live in a subdivision that is surrounded by a brick fence. Enclosed is a photo of the brick wall. You can see that there is a lot of cracking. Many subdivisions have the same type of wall, but they aren't cracked as bad as mine. Why did the wall crack?

Answer: More information on the design, materials, and construction of the wall is needed to determine the exact cause. However, it's likely that movement caused by temperature changes has caused the damage.Like all materials, masonry expands as the temperature increases and contracts as the temperature decreases. Depending on the type of masonry and the range of temperature it's exposed to, masonry walls usually should be built with expansion joints located at least every 100 feet. Your photos don't show any expansion joints.The configuration of the wall might also have contributed to the cracking. During thermal expansion or contraction, the joint between offset walls is highly stressed. If there is no joint at this location or the joint is not properly installed, the wall cracks to relieve this stress.