I have seen epoxy-coated reinforcement used in concrete highway work in many areas. Is anyone using epoxy-coated reinforcement or ties in brick masonry construction?
Most masonry construction today uses hot dipped galvanized bed-joint reinforcement and wall ties. Hot dipped galvanized steel conforming to ASTM A153 will perform well in most environments. Epoxy-coated reinforcing can also be effective. Normal handling on a brick construction project may cause the epoxy coating to be nicked or cut. Such breaches in the epoxy coating must be touched up with epoxy paint or they will greatly reduce the effectiveness of the coating system. I have heard of reinforced prefabricated brick panels constructed using epoxy-coated reinforcement to provide protection for corrosion. These panels were constructed in controlled interior environments where damage from handling is less likely to occur. I am not aware of any manufacturers that produce epoxy-coated reinforcement or ties for conventional masonry construction.