In a building we're designing, a 6-foot-wide door opening must be centered in an 11-foot wall. This leaves a 2 1/2-foot wall on each side of the opening. To lay this wall using modular 8-inch-long brick in a running bond, the masons have to cut 2- and 6-inch-long bricks to fit around the opening. Is there any way to avoid all these odd size pieces and the effect all these cut units have on the appearance?
Heights and lengths of walls and distances between windows, doors, piers, control joints, and other interruptions in the wall plane should be based on the dimension of the masonry unit that is used. When an opening or other building element cannot be relocated, try compensating by using a special size unit in stack bond. For the 6-foot-wide doorway you describe, consider using a 6-inch-long accent brick, decorative block, or stone in stack bond around the opening. This would solve the bonding problem and enhance the design at the same time. Examples of this are the brick detailing around windows of the Stearns County/St. Cloud Law Enforcement Center, St. Cloud, Minnesota, and the concrete block detailing around the windows of the Mechanics Bank in Sturbridge, Massachusetts.