In a brick masonry building with several grade changes, it is often difficult to step the brick masonry flashing so it remains above grade. Is there anything wrong with having the masonry flashing drain below grade provided there is a well-draining fill?
Coordinate the finished grade location with masonry construction to avoid covering weepholes with soil or, as in this case, a concrete sidewalk.Photo by Atkinson-Noland & Associates, Boulder, Colo.

There are several potential problems that could occur if flashing drains below grade. The weep holes easily could become filled with debris. Although wicks can be used in this case, the wicks may actually take water from the ground and bring it back into the building. Also, if water ponds against the flashing, it can find its way underneath it, defeating the flashing's purpose. For these reasons, it is better to step the flashing so that it drains above grade.