Adhered Manufactured Stone Masonry Veneer (AMSMV) is a lightweight man-made concrete masonry product which is usually cast into random sizes and in a variety of colors, with a natural undressed quarried or cleft stone finish. It is sometimes referred to as simulated stone or adhered veneer.

AMSMV is generally applied as a residential or lightweight commercial masonry veneer adhered to exterior and interior walls, structures, columns, landscape structures, and other surfaces suitable to receive lightweight adhered units. It is known by a variety of different product names, with an assortment of proprietary specifications.

Several companies manufacture stone-like products that are used primarily as veneers on other substrate materials, such as concrete masonry units. These simulated stone products are manufactured to meet the Construction Specifications Institute (CSI) Division 047300 classification for simulated stone, while cast stone is manufactured to meet Division 047200 requirements. There are currently no ASTM standard specifications for AMSMV.