New precast retaining wall systems offer design versatility, with the added benefit of faster installation. An engineered wall that appears to be made with hundreds of stones or wooden ties can be built in half the time with larger precast panels. Following are some of the newest options available in this growing line of products.

Structurally sound system

Use the CreteWood concrete retaining wall system for residential, commercial, or municipal projects. The system is available with a wood grain finish in natural wood colors, or a new ledge rock design. The products are structurally sound and are made with fiber-reinforced concrete, installed with geogrid, and stacked with a Z-Lok system.

Realistic, textured units

Verti-Block is designed for large-scale earth retention projects. The units have an 8-square-foot face. But their hollow cores make them relatively lightweight and easy to install with smaller equipment, and inexpensive to ship. The cores are filled with gravel upon installation to facilitate drainage. The stone face textures are custom-molded to create a realistic texture.

Sturdy and strong wall system

Pedallion Retaining Wall Block measures 32x16 inches and gives 3.5 square feet of coverage. With a thin, 3-inch face, each block weighs 95 pounds and is light enough to be placed by hand. It is made of 5000 psi concrete, with fibers and coated steel reinforcement providing up to 14000 pounds of tensile strength. Geomesh is mechanically attached to each stone with a patent-pending attachment system that withstands up to 7000 pounds of force.

Natural stone pattern

The BelAir Wall system design allows limitless installations with variable heights and random patterns. It incorporates 3- and 6-inch-high modular products for a natural stone pattern. The four-piece design and blended colors offer an alternative look to traditional retaining wall block. An easy-to-use locator system uses rear lips for proper alignment to save time and money.