You want color? Bright color? Architects can have it with glazed brick. Brilliant reds, deep burgundies, blacks, soft pinks, royal blues, bright yellows, cool greens, whites, or pastels--they're all possible with glazed brick. Matte finish or glossy, textured or smooth--all are possible. Brick glazes are made from plant-mixed clay, silica, barium carbonate, calcium carbonate and zinc, or from premixed ceramic frit (small friable ceramic granules that produce the glaze). These raw materials are blended with color stain and flux, which promotes fusion. The stains are produced by mixing varying amounts of lead, tin, vanadium, zinc, chrome, alumina, iron, cadmium, cobalt, zirconium, and other materials. The end product is tested for absorption, compressive strength, and freeze-thaw cycling, and must meet the requirements of ASTM C 126.