Given all the attention being conveyed by the national media about what has become a serious national concern, masonry contractors should be actively spreading the word that block and brick are not food sources for mold. It’s a message that owners of both commercial and single family structures will be glad to hear. The media is full of horror stories about contaminated houses and health issues, so the country’s builders and subcontractors are very aware of the potential problems that the discovery of mold may bring to their lives if it is found in one of their projects.

The masonry versus mold battle is an easy cause to embrace. Contractors who want to help grow the masonry market share merely have to join in the marketing efforts of our industry’s leading organizations, such as BIA and NCMA. The message that mold is not a masonry problem needs to be reinforced in every meeting with builders and owners. A key way to provide a strong foundation for the mold-free message is to become proactive with clients in developing “best practices” that keep water penetration from the masonry vocabulary.