As more architects recognize the benefits of masonry for prisons and jails, masonry contractors can profit from this market upswing. REDUCED COST Cost can be a big issue on correctional facility jobs. The Eastern Connecticut Community Correctional Facility, a 400-bed prison, is one example. After a comparative study, the architect found that masonry and conventional construction would save $1 million to $2 million compared with precast modular cells and prefabricated exterior panels. QUICK CONSTRUCTION Although in theory precast may be quicker, after a few normal construction revisions, any projected time savings would be negated. Such change orders could be accommodated by masonry with only minor delays. SECURITY The strong, solid construction of grouted, reinforced masonry keeps inmates inside correctional facilities. Some architects also take advantage of bulletproof glass block to provide natural light to inmates without compromising prison security. DURABILITY AND REDUCED MAINTENANCE Prison facilities are subject to a lot of abuse, so block's low maintenance and longevity make it a logical candidate. AESTHETICS When built of masonry, jails and prisons can blend harmoniously with other residential and commercial architecture- a factor especially important in cities.