The Masonry Heater Association of North America (MHA) will return to World of Concrete in January 2014. In its fourth year of participation, MHA plans to expand its display of wood-burning appliance construction. At the 2014 version of Masonry Heater Live, MHA members will show attendees how to construct a masonry heater and outdoor pizza oven. The group plans to show the entire construction process – from layout through firing.

Masonry heaters are indoor, wood-burning warming appliances, similar in appearance to fireplaces, but in extremely efficient, clean and great looking. Masonry heaters are old world heating units using new world burning technology. “Homeowners looking to reduce pollutants and wood usage are purchasing masonry heaters in increasing numbers,” said Richard Smith, MHA’s Executive Director.

New this year at WOC, MHA volunteer members are planning to build a wood-fired outdoor pizza oven.  “Outdoor pizza ovens are becoming very popular and can easily built by mason contractors, ” said Smith

The MHA demonstration will occur in the Gold Lot of the Las Vegas Convention Center on January 21, 22, and 23, 2014 during World of Concrete show hours. The demonstrations are free to registered attendees.

The World of Concrete is only one of the educational and training activities MHA members conduct each year. To learn more about the MHA training programs, visit their web site at