The double wall construction method creates load-bearing walls with two wythes of brick. The result is that both interior and exterior walls showcase brick's beauty and texture while providing the ultimate in low maintenance. Double wall systems have been successfully tested over several decades and in thousands of structures.

The beauty of double wall construction goes far beyond cost efficiency. Double wall buildings are quiet, exceptionally strong, and offer superior fire ratings. An 8 inch hollow brick double wall has a 3 hour fire rating, which is 50 percent better than a hollow concrete block wall and 3 times better than a 5/8 inch gypsum/metal stud wall. Using brick for interior walls creates additional fire resistance by reducing the risk of fire spreading from room to room.

Combining hard-fired brick's natural thermal mass with an insulated wall cavity creates a superior insulating system that produces significant energy savings. These savings are especially critical in heavily used public buildings such as schools.