In today's environment, building design and construction are seen as a process of integrating various systems, rather than assembling various materials. Each industry is expected to deliver a complete system ready for integration, and the supplier often is responsible for designing the system to meet project requirements. Those in the masonry industry must temporarily suspend their "insider" perspective, and view the marketplace through the eyes of building owners and design professionals. They see masonry as one among many available cladding choices. Much can be learned by comparing delivery methods for glass/metal curtain walls, exterior insulation and finish systems (EIFS), and masonry. The more advantageous features of competitors' delivery systems might then be adapted for the masonry industry, and some of their mistakes and pitfalls avoided. There is a clear trend toward a systems approach to building procurement, and to performance specifying and testing. If our industry fails to respond to these trends, it may well be left behind in the marketplace. The masonry industry continues to emphasize technique and material properties, and to resist adopting performance criteria routinely used by other industries.