Combining walls of load-bearing masonry and floors of precast concrete plank can make for efficient, economical construction and solid, firesafe buildings. But the connections between them must be detailed carefully for the building to be structurally sound. PLANK/BEARING WALL CONNECTIONS A common way to anchor precast concrete plank into load-bearing concrete masonry walls is with reinforcing bars field bent at a 90 degree angle. If lateral forces are small enough, an alternative connection may be feasible. With this detail, the masonry wall is bonded to the precast concrete planks by a solidly grouted joint. NONLOAD-BEARING WALLS For nonload-bearing walls (walls parallel to the floor planks) the most important consideration is to laterally brace the wall with the precast concrete plank floor system. One common method requires the plank adjacent to the wall to bear on the wall at least 3 inches.