The C1272 - 14a Standard Specification for Heavy Vehicular Paving Brick has been revised. According to the abstract:

This specification covers heavy vehicular paving bricks designed for use in streets, commercial driveways, aircraft taxiways, and other places where there is a high volume of heavy vehicular traffic. The bricks should be manufactured from clay, shale, or similar naturally occurring earthy substances and subjected to firing. The high temperature heat treatment should develop sufficient fired bonds between the material particles to produce the required strength and durability. The bricks may also be shaped by extruding, molding, or pressing during manufacture and may have spacing lugs, chamfered edges, or both. The materials are classified into two types according to the intended installation and should all conform to the required values of freeze thaw resistance, abrasion resistance, skid resistance, coring, chips or cracks, and efflorescence.

The updated standard is available for purchase from ASTM in either a hard copy or PDF format. Read More