In this subdivision near Chicago, brick details create homes with individual personalities and strong curb appeal. In this article we'll find out why brick was chosen as a dominant architectural feature, why homebuyers prefer brick, how various people help homebuyers select masonry and masonry features, and how different masonry details help give each home a distinctive personality. LAKEVIEW IN BARRINGTON Lakeview in Barrington is a 38-acre single-family residential development that contains 79 two-story homes. The homes, which start at about $350,000, feature all-brick front elevations and first floor brick surrounds on the three remaining elevations. Depending on which model and elevation are chosen, standard masonry details include a fireplace, quoins, arches, soldier courses, and limestone detailing. Optional masonry features include garden walls; screened porches with masonry knee walls and columns; additional fireplaces; and sidewalks, driveways, and patios built with concrete pavers. WHY BRICK WAS USED "Brick was chosen as a dominant architectural element of the Lakeview homes," according to Jim VandeLogt, director of construction for the developer, Marc Development, Inverness, Ill., "because of its appearance, its perceived value to the public, its inherent ability to withstand harsh weather, and the fact that it requires low maintenance."