Quoins are ornamental masonry features designed to accentuate a building's corners. Simple to build yet long on visual impact, quoins offer a wide range of decorative possibilities. FLUSH QUOINS Quoins that are flush with the surrounding masonry depend for their effect on a visible contrast between the field masonry units and the quoins themselves. The contrast may involve unit size, color, texture, or a combination of these factors. PROJECTING QUOINS Projecting quoins can be built of units that match or contrast with the adjacent masonry, depending on the desired effect. COURSING PATTERNS A variety of coursing patterns can be used for quoined corners. Stone or concrete quoin units generally are three to four brick courses high and three to five brick long. CONSTRUCTION TIPS Quoins typically take 25 to 30 percent more time to build than straight corners. Because quoins are vulnerable to moisture penetration, parge the back of projecting quoins and take special care to fill mortar joints completely. Adequately tying the projecting quoins to the backup wall also is important.