Various forms of blast cleaning are commonly used on masonry surfaces to remove contaminants.

Armex systems use baking soda-based abrasive technology to clean, depaint, and degrease a wide variety of substrates, including brick, concrete, and natural stone. The cleaning/coating products are delivered using compressed air or water. The baking soda crystals are moved under relatively low pressure, but at high velocity, to scour the surface. The crystals fracture into smaller particles to intensify the cleaning action while softening the impact on substrates. For more information, visit or call 800-332-5424.

Sponge-Jet Inc. products employ an assortment of sponge media abrasives propelled to the surface using an air-driven system to restore, clean, and strip. The company's white sponge media is used on historic masonry surfaces. Upon impact with the surface, the media particles flatten and expose the abrasive to attack the contaminants. As the abrasives rebound, a suction force is created and the various contaminants are trapped, creating a nearly dust-free process. For more information, visit or call 800-776-6435.