How can I avoid leaks in wood-framed, brick veneer residential construction? The leaks commonly occur along the top of basement walls where brick masonry rests on top of the concrete foundation. What is the problem?
To avoid leakage in this location, through-wall flashing must be properly installed. Place flashing at the base of the wall extending 8 inches up the wall. The front edge of the flashing should project out and form a drip. Place sealant between the bottom of the flashing and the top of the foundation. The building paper that covers the exterior sheathing should lap over the top edge of this flashing by at least 4 inches. All laps and corners in the flashing should be sealed. The top edge of the foundation must be at least 6 inches above grade. I also recommend building a brick ledge into the foundation. This provides an excellent second line of defense should the flashing have defects. When using a brick ledge, don't seal the joint between the bottom of the flashing and the concrete. Sealant at this location will trap any water that bypasses the flashing.