In Western Washington, it is normal for noise walls on highways to be constructed using 12-foot pre-cast concrete panels. However for the wall that will be built along Route 167, the contractor chose to go with the masonry method over the standard panels.

The use of blocks was beneficial because it was cost-effective, met all of the DOT requirements, and benefit the traveling public who otherwise would have had to endure lane closures and invasive nighttime noise/light. A spokeswoman for the Transportation Department, Caitlin Morris gave further benefits of the masonry method and explained how the method could be used again in the future:

“Its varied surface wards off graffiti and vandalism, and the capped top serves as a nice detail, like a button-down collar on a shirt,” she wrote.

“Building a wall out of concrete masonry is providing opportunities to hone in and refine techniques that will make building a similar wall in the future much more expedient and efficient,” Morris wrote.

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