The National Concrete Masonry Association's board of directors recently elected Robert D. (Bob) Thomas to the chief executive staff position through a formally written ballot. Thomas has been serving as president of the association on an interim capacity following last year's resignation of former President Mark Hogan.

An executive search committee, led by NCMA Chairman of the Board-Elect Michael Finch, has finished its work establishing the objectives for the position, reviewing various strategies to select the best candidate, and focusing on the appropriate future direction for the association. Based on the executive search committee's efforts, the board concluded that Thomas' background, including more than 18 years of service with NCMA (most recently as vice president of engineering), knowledge, and skills were well-suited to lead the association's staff.

“Thomas provides NCMA with the necessary leadership to address both future challenges and opportunities for the association and the concrete masonry and hardscapes industry,” explained Finch.