The masonry industry is not a single industry. It is comprised of manufacturers, distributors, installers, and service facilities. A close look at these contributors reveals an industry of relatively small economic organizations. BRICK INDUSTRY Today there are 112 brick manufacturers with 229 plants in 40 different states with total capacity to produce 10 billion 8-inch equivalent units annually. There are 35,000 people employed to produce brick and another 15,000 employed with dealers and distributors of brick. CONCRETE MASONRY INDUSTRY There are 925 manufacturers of concrete masonry with 1,450 plants in all 50 states. Annual total capacity is estimated at 5.5 billion 8-inch equivalent units. STONE INDUSTRY The stone industry is probably the most fragmented segment of the masonry industry. There are four major national organizations whose memberships comprise about 90% of the natural stone firms in the United States: Marble Institute of America (MIA), Building Stone Institute (BSI), National Building Granite Quarries Association (NBGQA), and the Indiana Limestone Institute (ILI) INSTALLERS Nationwide there are about 25,000 masonry contracting firms, including stone erectors, that employ some 110,000 union masons and 200,000 nonunion masons. Additionally, there are about 300,000 tenders and laborers employed by the contractors to assist the masons. TRENDS The industry is consolidating. Brick production is held by 112 manufacturers. Thirty years ago that total was close to 3,000 separate companies. Concrete masonry production is held by 925 companies. Thirty years ago there were 5,000 companies.