Although the Strength Design Method now makes masonry walls more economical, it also makes designing them more complicated-at least by hand. A computer and good software, however, can perform these laborious calculations for the engineer. THE WORK THAT'S REQUIRED IF A COMPUTER ISN'T USED To appreciate what a computer can do for an engineer designing masonry walls by the Strength Design Method, consider the alternative. Without a computer, an engineer must perform 12 complicated, tedious calculations to design a one-story masonry wall. And, if a change is proposed, all the calculations must be redone with the new data. THE BENEFIT OF USING A COMPUTER Good computer software can simplify this process considerably. All the engineer has to do is enter the data. The computer performs all the complicated calculations. Because the computer is so fast, the engineer is free to try several alternative designs and select the one that best satisfies the architect's requirements and the owner's budget.