A new software program shrinks design time from weeks to days while performing an efficient analysis of both load-bearing masonry buildings and the “hybrid” concept of masonry/steel design. The innovative structural masonry design software was collaboratively developed by the International Masonry Institute, National Concrete Masonry Association, Bentley Systems, and Ryan Biggs Associates.

The software's whole-building approach, as opposed to traditional analysis of individual components, offers easier and faster engineering design of masonry buildings. It includes irregular configurations, wall openings, multi-story structures, and structural infill panels in structural steel frames.

A series of 20 one-day seminars will be held around the country to explain the new program. In addition to a software demonstration, the seminars will cover the theory and design of hybrid masonry/ steel structures (steel framed buildings with reinforced masonry infill) and whole building analysis of load-bearing masonry.

For more information on the software and the seminar schedule, go to www.imiweb.org.