A New Jersey urban legend icon once known as "the Midget House of Brick" is for sale. Actually built in the 1960s as a children's playhouse, the fully functional brick home even includes running water, electricity and a fireplace. The house sits on the property of Matt and Anna Jones in –ironically– Brick, N.J. Weird N.J. recently profiled their attempts to sell it.

[When they bought their property in 2000] the Joneses thought it would be fun to have the diminutive dwelling in their back yard, but as the years passed they came to realize that the odd little novelty, while an interesting curiosity, did have its drawbacks. As unbelievable as it may seem, Anna told Weird NJ, "Unfortunately, people come and steal from it. We had all these little wooden flowers in the window, and during the summer when we had the little windows open, people would stick their hands right in and I kept noticing flowers missing. They've stolen my front door. There was a hazing and the kids from one of the colleges kicked it in, took the door and left. I have a little replica soda table from the '50s in there and they stole one of the chairs."

The sale will require excavating the tiny home and moving it off site. Read More and check out this video from two Weird N.J. fans