Seedorff Masonry Inc. is the fourth largest masonry contractor in America. In 1998 this Strawberry Point, Ia.-based company will make $35 million. Sales volume has grown 150% from $14 million 10 years ago. Upgrading all workers' tools at Seedorff has improved the productivity of field and office staff. New software in the accounting department allows staff to work on more functions at once. Computerized tracking of truck and equipment maintenance histories prevents avoidable breakdowns. Field staff use a variety of devices to stay in touch with the head office--laptops, cellular phones and soon--project Web sites. Estimators use digitizers, boards and estimating programs to speed up the estimating process. SMI does quality work because it has talented people working to the best of their abilities with the most efficient tools available, whether these are laptops, digitizers, cranes, scaffolds or forklifts. SMI also regularly reassesses its business decisions. The result is a finely honed, efficient company that is being awarded masonry projects of increasing size.