With great sadness, McGee Brothers Company has announced that President Samuel Alexander McGee passed away on September 2, 2015. Formed in 1971, McGee lead the company to the visionary success that McGee Brothers Company was able to achieve. 

Born on March 7, 1939 in Unionville, North Carolina to a farming family withs six brothers and six sisters, McGee quickly found his calling in the construction industry. In 1969, McGee began working for Huntley Brothers Masonry going on to work for his brother who also had a masonry business. Working with his brother, and brother-in-law, McGee formed the McGee Brothers Company by 1980 where “family” always played a key role in the company. 

McGee Brothers Company would evolve into one of the most successful masonry contracting firms in the nation and for years, would top ENR News and Masonry Construction’s list of the country’s largest mason contractors. 

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