On January 20, at World of Concrete '99, 54 masonry professionals from all corners of the industry and the continent assembled to discuss recruitment. The participants talked about recruiting, training, and retaining good people for the industry by: Raising community awareness; Motivating recruits to excel; Providing pre-apprenticeship training; Working with prisoners and ex-convicts; Consolidating union and merit shop contractors; Linking pay increases with training; Recruiting women; Heightening children's awareness about masonry careers; Getting publicity; Involving retired masons to help apprentices; Applying for grants; Indenturing apprentices; Giving training as much importance as safety; Using the Internet. The panelists were: John Nail, masonry instructor Francis Tuttle Vo-Tech, Oklahoma City (facilitator) Al Slattery, masonry contractor, Al Slattery Masonry, Yukon, Okla. (facilitator) Charles Cooper, concrete block producer, Larson Cement and Stone Co., Omaha, Neb. Andy Sneed, masonry contractor, WASCO Inc., Nashville, Tenn. John Thiele, the Masonry Institute of Iowa, Johnston, Iowa RoAnne Barnett Marrett, director, the Construction Training Institute, Louisville, Ky. Wynn Jones, BAC representative, Oshkosh, Wis.You can order the 3-hour tape of the roundtable (item No. 2610) by calling 800-323-3550.