Although most people want a brick home, they think they can't afford it. However, a home with brick veneer on four sides costs only a little more than a vinyl-sided home. A growing national campaign to spread this message has begun recently. The Brick Value Builder Program is a lively on-air and online attempt to convince home buyers of the value and affordability of brick-veneered homes by promoting the builders. Builders are usually the specifiers and advisors to owners. The core of the program is radio advertising promoting 10 to 15 local builders, one at a time. The advertising is free to the builder, who simply has to promise to build brick homes that cost no more than a few percent more than vinyl-sided homes. The radio commercials are reinforced by a full brick promotional campaign with references sent to the builder and information sent to listeners who phone in. A Web side lists local builders and information, allows calculations and presents house plans and a gallery of brick structures. It also links builders' own sites to its directory. This program gives small, untrained builders a professional, free marketing program.