Robert Nelson, who spent more than 50 years in the masonry industry, passed away recently at his home in Huntley, Ill., after fighting cancer for 10 years.

Mr. Nelson founded a construction materials testing group in Schaumburg, Ill., originally known as Robert L. Nelson & Associates. Recently the firm established two distinct operations –Nelson Testing Laboratories and Nelson Testing Services – to reflect the true scope of his work and expertise.

Though his work was primarily based in the upper Midwest, the reputation of Mr. Nelson and his employees garnered international respect. Along with helping to provide services for construction activity, Nelson and his staff have been involved in numerous research projects that have helped advanced masonry and concrete construction.

Mr. Nelson served our industry in many masonry construction-related organizations. He was a Fellow of the American Society of Testing Methods (ASTM), an Honorary member of ASTM C12 Mortars where he had served as vice chair, a member and former vice chair of ASTM C07 Lime, and a member of ASTM C09 Concrete.

He also served as vice-president of The Masonry Society and was a member on the Masonry Joint Council. He was a member of the British Masonry Society.