The Technical Activities Committee (TAC) of The Masonry Society (TMS) recently named John Chrysler as the next Chair of TMS 402/602, to replace Dr. Richard Bennett whose term will end with the approval of

John Chrysler
TMS John Chrysler

the current Committee's Closure, likely this fall. Chrysler has served on TMS 402/602 for many years and is its Chair of Construction Requirement Subcommittee. He is past president of TMS and has served in numerous leadership roles both within TMS and outside of it. Read Chrysler's bio here.

With this appointment, TMS will work with Chrysler to begin planning the next revision cycle of Building Code Requirements and Specification for Masonry Structures (TMS 402/602). Once Chrysler assembles his leadership team, applications for membership on the Committee that were received earlier this summer will be reviewed, and appointments will be announced prior to TMS's Annual Meeting in October to ensure a productive set of meetings.