Everything about the $165 million Ameristar Hotel is big. The 26-story building has 400 luxury suites, a 7000-sq-ft spa, indoor/outdoor pool area, and nine-story parking garage. The job required more than 600,000 utility bricks, 65,000 sq ft of glass fiber reinforced concrete, 15,000 sq ft of architectural precast, and 15,000 concrete masonry units. Heitkamp Masonry's 25 bricklayers and 18 tenders completed the work in 16 months.

Heitkamp and its Hydro Mobile distributor engineered an impressive scaffolding system, with 15 units arranged to create a 60-ft platform between the towers. The system included a metal decking overhead, and netting underneath to protect workers. To complete the exterior skin, carpenters and iron workers worked above the masons on the scaffolding, while a glazer was on a platform underneath. This coordination allowed workers to finish one floor every four days.

The masonry contractor also completed stonework in the lobby and a “streetscape” area between the hotel and existing casino.

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Project Project Participants

Owner: Ameristar Casinos Inc., Las Vegas, Nev.

Masonry Contractor: Heitcamp Masonry Inc., Ellisville, Mo.

Architect: PGAV Architects, Kansas City, Mo.

General Contractor: Walton Construction Co., St. Louis, Mo.

Structural Engineer: Walter P. Moore, Kansas City, Mo.