The work of rebuilding got underway immediately, following the magnitude-6.0 earthquake that occurred near Napa, Calif., on August 24.

"Within the Napa city limits, 33 commercial and residential structures have been red-tagged during the initial assessment, Rick Tooker, Napa community development director told ENR California. 

The construction trade publication also noted what is perhaps one of the biggest concerns to come out of the event.

While most of the damage occurred to unreinforced masonry buildings, there was also damage to recently retrofitted and newer structures, including the Andaz Napa Hotel, built in 2006.

“Some of the buildings that were retrofitted didn’t fare as well as you might expect, even with recent work,” Tooker says, adding that once the initial safety assessments have been completed, engineers will determine the reasons behind the structural problems in the retrofitted buildings and what to do about them.

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