The 10th North American Masonry Conference (10NAMC), featuring more than 90 technical papers, will be held at the Adams Mark Hotel, June 3 - 6, in St. Louis, Mo. The 10NAMC educational forum is designed for engineers, architects, contractors, producers, suppliers, and others interested in masonry.

The NAMC has traditionally emphasized engineering and architecture, with secondary considerations for industry-related themes. The 10NAMC will continue this extensive treatment of engineering and architecture, and build on these themes through active discussions on maintainability and sustainability. In addition, technical presentations, exhibits, and marketing will involve contractors, producers, and those concerned with masonry training.

The 10NAMC has several objectives:

Provide a technical forum for the presentation of scientific and engineering information relative to masonry products and masonry wall systems.

  • Provide for Proceedings of the 10thNorth American Masonry Conference to act as a permanent record of engineering and scholarly technical papers related to masonry.
  • Enable engineers, architects, contractors, producers, suppliers, and others interested in masonry to exchange information and make personal contacts that will enable them to work more effectively.
  • Provide a forum to educate the public about the effective use of masonry.
  • Provide a forum to promote the use of masonry.
  • The 90+ papers are divided into major topic areas, with several presentations dealing with each subject.

  • Analysis And Finite Element Modeling

    • Measurement of Material Properties in a Masonry Structure by Analyzing its Failures
    • Force Variation of Vertical Unbonded Post-Tensioning Tendons in Perforated Masonry Walls
    • Corrosion Fatigue of Corrugated Strip Ties in Brick Veneer Wall Systems
    • Analytical Solution of the Shear-Displacement Curve for Reinforced Masonry Panels
    • Development of Capacity Curves for Confined Masonry Walls

    Load-Carrying Capacity of Masonry Arches with Stochastic Compressive Strength