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Showcase: Healing Time's Wounds
The original Parkland Hospital in Dallas was built in 1913 and operated until 1954, when the new Parkland hospital opened. After briefly serving as low-security detention center, the building was vacant for almost two decades. By the time a new owner began planning its conversion into an office complex, years of exposure and neglect had caused a great deal of deterioration. Undaunted, Western Waterproofing Co.'s team of masons restored the 53,000-square-foot building's interior and exterior.

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Masonry Construction's Top Contactors are in Survival Mode
With the economy lagging, contractors look to restoration and repair. In the current economic climate, even busy contractors are fighting to keep their heads above water. Our list of top contractors has a new Number 1. Also, read why industry officials are still bullish on masonry as a primary building material, despite the recession. Special expanded listings.

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