As I was cleaning out my mother's Galveston condo a few weeks ago, I found one of our family's greatest treasures. It was a heart stopping moment! I rescued a worn cardboard box that was high and dry on a closet's upper shelf in time to prevent the mold that was taking over the condo from attacking the contents.

When mom moved to Galveston Island, she asked her friends and family to keep in contact by sending photos. After a quick viewing, mom would place each image into her memory box.

Whenever family or friends visited, mom brought out the box from the closet. She would then invite her guests to randomly pull out a picture from the box. The photo served as a prompt to lively discussions of the events surrounding the photo event. It was a great opportunity to catch up on the happenings of the wide world.

Given the economic tribulations we are enduring, I thought it was time to share one of my favorite experiences with my industry friends.

Thanks to a great group of Web techies at Ascribe, I'm inviting you to share in MASONRY CONSTRUCTION'S version of the Yelton memory box.

This year we've posted the entries from the “Project of the Year” on the Ascribe community Web site. When you visit Ascribe, you'll discover a site that enables contractors to show off their projects. It's somewhat similar to the sharing concept of MySpace or Facebook.

But Ascribe is different from other Web sites. Jason Carpenter created Ascribe with contractors in mind. Compared to other industries, Carpenter says most contractor Web sites left a lot to be desired. The Ascribe team interviewed hundreds of contractors from around the country to learn of their Web site needs.

Carpenter told me that he discovered two main Web site goals: showing off completed projects and generating Web hits. Ascribe enables contractors to easily post their projects and then generate leads by using the community approach to get leads.

You'll get the opportunity to learn about Ascribe in the next few weeks. I'm inviting you and your staff to view all of our “Project of the Year” entries and share your opinion of the work's quality.

We've made the experience interactive. This year you can vote online for our “Reader's Choice” award. It's your opportunity to let our award committee know if you agree with the choices.

I think you'll find our memory box experience productive and enjoyable. Drop me a line and let me know your thoughts.