A group of West Virginia masonry students is getting a solid education thanks to a partnership with a local supplier. The students are working on a new housing project through the Boxley Materials Company of Summersville's Partners in Education initiative with the Fayette Institute of Technology's Masonry/Carpentry classes.

According to the Fayette Tribune, they worked under the direction of instructors Darrell Fisher and Kim Eades, and Boxley representative Matt Bostic.

The project required the building of a segmented retaining wall unit. This, in turn, led to specialized training in the building of retaining wall units. Fisher, calling upon the strong relationship between Boxley and Fayette Institute of Technology’s Masonry/Carpentry classes, enlisted the aid of Bostic.
This led to the entire Masonry/Carpentry classes, along with their instructors, beginning official training by Boxley.

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