Mutal Materials, based in Bellevue, Wash., is gaining efficiency via an RFID-based solution that tracks the movements, inspections and performance of 43 vehicles. According to RFID Journal:

The solution [from electronic fleet management company Zonar] consists of passive low-frequency (LF) RFID [radio- frequency id] tags on vehicles, trailers and moffets (truck-mounted forklifts), as well as Zonar's Android-based tablets with built-in RFID readers that capture tag IDs and enable users to input vehicle inspection data or report problems. The collected data is then forwarded to Zonar's hosted server via a cellular connection ... To date, with a combination of the Zonar solution and the Oracle software, the company has reduced its number of dispatchers from eight to five, since it is much easier to determine each vehicle's location, and who is operating it. Drivers can be assured that they have updated information regarding their vehicles' functionality, since they can view it on the screen when they pull up records associated with a particular tag ID whenever they read a tag.