Clean up your act

Prevent messes during concrete pump cleanup with the grout port ball stop. It attaches at a T in the pumping system or on the back end of a boom pump to keep the cleanout ball from being drawn back into the pump during cleaning. The ball stop pin can be pushed into the stream or drawn out without removing the coupling. It fits all styles of pumps and couplings, from 2 to 7 in. Construction Forms Inc. 800-223-3676. WOC Booth #C5669

Heavy-duty sprayer

The Model 303 HD concrete sprayer for heavy-duty applications includes a valve that provides absolute tip shut off. Built with acetone-resistant parts and a heavy density polyethylene tank, the spray system includes a wide mouth funnel top for easy filling, 18-in. angled brass extension, and 4-ft. chemical-resistant hose. Also available are the Model 403 professional sprayer for acid, etching, and staining applications; and the Model 603 professional concrete sealer and form oil sprayer, both of which provide features similar to the 303 model. B&G Equipment Co. 800-544-8811. WOC Booth #S12510

Repair decorative concrete

MatchCrete Clear is a two-component polyurethane for repairing cracks, spalls, and joints in concrete that are subject to UV exposure from sunlight. The material is clear in appearance when applied and cured. Color sand and pigments may be added to create color stable repairs that match most decorative or concrete surface shades. It penetrates deeps into cracks, spalls, and joints and cures in about 30 minutes. Roadware Inc. 800-522-7623. WOC Booth #S12051

Organic concrete remover

At dilutions up to 6:1, Back-Set Platinum Molecular Cement Dissolver molecularly dissolves portland cement into rinsable mud. It's formulated to go up to 50% further than conventional formulas, reducing both cost and time. Derived from organic materials without any ozone-depleting substances, synthetics, or VOCs, it is noncorrosive, readily biodegradable, and has a National Fire Protection Rating of all zero values. Use undiluted for extreme buildup removal. RoMix Chemical & Brush Inc. 800-331-2243. WOC Booth #N1348

Concrete saw

The CX-3 Kohler Concrete Saw is ideal for harsh weather and work conditions. The wet- and dry-cutting saw features the Kohler CH270 7-hp horizontal-shaft Command PRO engine and the Quad-Clean four-stage air-cleaning system (which doubles as a warm intake air system). All-aluminum construction makes it lightweight and portable. A large fuel tank allows continuous operation over long periods, and a large muffler reduces engine noise. MK Diamond Products Inc. 800-421-5830. WOC Booth #S12908

Keep surfaces clean

The durable, lightweight 125 iVac is powered by two, 800-watt motors. It is ideal for use with surface preparation tools and equipment. An oversized main filter ensures minimal maintenance, while an external filter shaker maintains maximum suction power and filtration performance. The industrial vacuum has a paper bag filter for fine dust collection; an upstream HEPA filter is optional. Large, fixed rear wheels and locking swivel casters improve maneuverability. Nilfisk-Advance Inc. WOC Booth #S13404