In 1990, G. Porter & Co., a masonry contractor in St. Charles, Illinois, made a commitment to improve its jobsite safety record. The company hired safety consultant Peter Cucuz and began developing a safety program. Porter decided to do more than just preach safety. It put its money behind its pro-safety stance and implemented an incentive program for its foremen. Those foremen with safe jobsites will receive safety bonuses, such as monetary awards or paid trips. In its safety incentive program, Porter evaluates foremen on their training, jobsite conditions, OSHA violations, accidents, toolbox meetings, and how well they adhere to the safety plan in general. "I feel strongly enough about safety, and I hope the end result is a lower insurance rate," says Dick Porter. "I can get big savings in that. We can use this as an edge. If our insurance is less, we can be a little more competitive in our bid."