When in Verona last week, I succumbed to do what the average tourist did. Standing in the midst of hundreds of love-struck or want-to-be-love struck tourists, I found myself looking at what legend suggests is the stone balcony on which stood Juliette awaiting Romeo.

I guess it’s relatively famous. Shakespeare used it as a prop for his play. And several movies have been filmed at the location. So today, it’s a gathering point for folks to write messages on a wall, attach padlocks, and leave notes in the brick’s coursework.

Yet for all the hoopla, not one person ever praises the craftsmanship that has allowed the structure to remain in place for centuries. You’d think that somewhere the mason would have left his trademark, or the civic authority would install a tiny marker recognizing the artisan.

Unfortunately much of what you do goes unnoticed, and this needs to be changed. That’s why we have Masonry Construction’s Project of the Year Award program. It’s not too late, so please enter so we can recognize the men and women behind the structural beauty the public enjoys. Important note: If you register by 5/15 entries cost $50, they cost $75 until 6/15.