Industry professionals often lament how little some architects, masonry contractors, and masons know about the principles of good masonry design and construction. For years, masonry experts have been trying to combat this ignorance with seminars, workshops, and publications aimed at designers and contractors. But scant attention has been paid to building owners and their maintenance crews. The industry must make more of an effort to communicate with the owners and managers of masonry buildings. A good place to begin is the owners operations and maintenance manuals. The architect generally specifies that an owner's manual be assembled and sometimes what it should include. Unfortunately, owners and architects tend to be concerned only with the maintenance of mechanical and electrical systems, while neglecting the buildings envelope. Masonry's omission from owners' manuals should come as no surprise, since masonry materials often are sold as maintenance free. The masonry section of an owner's manual should emphasize periodic inspection and include a checklist the maintenance staff can use.