Under the direction of general contractor Swinerton Builders, Spider, a division of SafeWorks, LLC, provided the suspended access solution, including swing stages, fall protection and training, for installation of panels on the façade of the 400-ft tall Colorado State Bank Building in downtown Denver, CO.

Specifically Spider supplied subcontractor GEN3 with nine u-shaped swing stages powered by Zmac/1000 traction hoists to access the columns of the structure. In addition, seven standard modular platforms ranging in length from 15 feet to 45 feet and also powered by the workhorse Zmac/1000s are increasing efficiency by feeding materials to the ushaped stages. Safety line, rope grabs and termination plates from Spider’s trusted line of fall protection solutions are also in place throughout the project.

Spider also provided Competent Person Training for all of the equipment operators from GEN3 and Swinerton Builders and is making regular site visits to ensure safety compliance.

“Spider’s cooperation and knowledge is second to none, and as the superintendent for the 27-story reclad of the Colorado State Bank building, that makes them first in line when it’s time for staging and safety,” says Doug Schnorr, Senior Superintendent for Swinerton Builders.

Spider was the only local swing stage company that could provide the high volume of rental equipment for the project’s 7-month duration along with the training support and expertise.

Since the work began in April, there have been no incidents or injuries, and the goal is for that trend to continue until the project’s October 2013 completion.