It’s nice to see masonry on the wall again. This spring I’ve noticed an increase in masonry construction, in both small and larger commercial projects. This last week, I traveled from Tennessee to North Carolina, and then to Las Vegas. Work seems to be springing up everywhere.

I choose safety as the theme for this week’s newsletter. More for many experienced masons, safety is always talked about but often compromised on the job. As a veteran industry observer, I’m very concerned that workers returning to the rigors of continuous work may not be aware of the new tools and procedures designed to make their jobs safer.

I think you’ll agree with me, incorporating safety on the jobsite is easier now than ever before. From automatic dust collection systems to anti-fatigue hand tools, industry suppliers and training organizations are creating safer products that are easier to use without compromising quality workmanship.

Here are some of the most popular products introduced this winter. And as the weather heats up, I hope you’ll keep returning to our web page to view the updates of the new products I’m posting each week. More importantly, I invite you to share ways your team is incorporating new safety technology in your work practices on our new Facebook page.

Social media is best when it  benefits our community, so please send us your answer to this question: What was the subject of the best tailgate safety meeting you’ve ever heard?

Keep safety first.